Intellectual Capital Resource For LOS/IT Companies/Banks/Lenders

We possess the Intellectual Capital you need to perfect your LOS. If you write the code for and/or own the IP for a Loan Operating System (LOS), The Corcoran Law Group has the knowledge of most Loan Operating Systems, a proficiency in lending laws and regulations and a firm knowledge of the business of Mortgage Banking. We can be your Consultant in making your LOS better and more efficient and therefore more valuable to your customers/users. We use our client’s LOS every day and know how to improve your LOS.

Banks And Mortgage Bankers

  • Virtual User in YOUR LOS to produce CD’s and loan documents
  • "Embedded Compliance" ™ - Please call for details
  • Closing Services in both New Jersey and New York
  • Document Preparation and delivery
  • Review of Title
  • Corporate, Company and Partnership Law
  • Purchase and Sale of Real Estate
  • Contract Law
  • Internal Audits and Training Sessions for both Sales and Operations Employees
  • Quality Control Reviews, Seminars with Management to maintain QC Procedures
  • Litigation, Plaintiff or Defendant, including Foreclosures & Bankruptcy
  • Federal and State Compliance
  • Seminars/Training on all topics relevant to the Business of Mortgage Banking
  • Risk Avoidance through educating personnel and teaching professionalism

General Corporate and Real Estate

The Corcoran Law Group, LLC has a busy practice handling all aspects of the Corporate, Company and Partnership client as well. From formation to dissolution, from purchase to sale, our attorneys are active in servicing our clients' needs. All aspects of Contract Law and the sale or purchase of residential or commercial Real Estate are vibrant areas of practice at The Corcoran Law Group. The attorneys and staff at the firm are committed to counseling our clients on the daily questions that arise so our clients can make the critical decisions necessary to achieve their personal and company goals.